About Us

First of all let us introduce You where the name of our boutique-hotel ”BASTILLE” came from.

Bastille is a castle which was built in the 1370-1382s on the northern approaches of Paris near the gates of Saint-Antoine. It had 8 high stone  towers, geared walls of 30 m. The kings of France had built the castle to protect the approaches of  the capital, but in the 15th century it became a state prison. Great French Revolution  began with  the storming of Bastille. In 1791 the castle, which is the symbol of absolute monarchy of France , was totally destroyed. The day of the capture of that castle, embodying political dictatorship, July 14, 1789 is considered National Holiday of France.

It is worth mentioning that BASTILLE Boutique-hotel collaborates with DOLMAMA restaurant and the dishes of this restaurant are also presented in the kitchen. For dessert you will enjoy the delicious cakes of MALOCCO cafe.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the ‘’BASTILLE’’ Boutique -hotel.

”BASTILLE” four stars boutique-hotel also reminds of a castle due to its design. This beautiful, 24-hour hotel offers 24 hours a unique type of relaxation, isolated from the noise of the central part of the city.

You can find yourself in your room just from the parking lot under your reserved room.

There are 12 rooms in ”BASTILLE” boutique-hotel, one of them is a Double Room. All 12 rooms have unique design. Pay attention to every detail, accessory, design furniture. The interior will certainly astonish you.

First of all we should mention the most important thing: Great attention is paid to safety, ventilation and cleaning systems in boutique-hotel ”BASTILLE”.

The system of ventilation is ideally organizedin ”BASTILLE” boutique-hotel and to ensure cleanliness it collaborates with cleaning industry leaders: 5ASEC, DIVERSEY, Kimberley Cleaning companies. They are the best cleaning means which are used by ”BASTILLE” boutique hotel.

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